Grow Young With Food – Ebook

Grow Young With Food – Ebook


Grow Young with Food by Douglas Zimmerman is the fitness trainer’s debut manifesto. With 23 pages of facts, info, tips, and recommendations, GYWF isn’t just another eBook – it’s a progression manual, laying out a full-spectrum process for living and eating healthier.

Douglas will help you understand why we gain weight the way we do, the science behind how the food we eat is stored and used by our bodies, and the action plans we can incorporate into our daily routines to regain the nutritional value and intake from our meals.



Chapter List:

  • Life with a high glycemic diet
  • Life with a low glycemic diet
  • Program progression
  • New nutritional guidelines
  • Protien reference
  • Eating carbohydrates: some rules apply
  • Water: facts of life
  • Shopping guide
  • Grocery list: dairy-free
  • Adding flavor to your veggies
  • Daily food log (templates)
  • Meal ideas


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